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I just found this website that is called, ‘wikitude’. This is the website that provides information for travellers who would like to travel to places where they don’t know well. Simply you can write down the name of the city you wish to travel in the search engine of the website. Also it provides the download service of the information for the iPhone users from this year. At this point I thought it might be very similar to my project, ‘Mobile Travel Guide’ but I was wrong. This is the website that provides the information for the travllers through internet spaces and also iPhone format. However it provides only GPS and Google maps rather than the package of information for the travellers.

Anyway, the technologies are improving dramatically and it brought many ‘funky’ contents for us. Well, I really need to check the updated news and technologies more often.


There are 2 most important characters for the theories of colour and they are ‘Goethe’ and ‘Newton’. Both of them talked about the theories of colours and they have different opinions about the theories of colours.

Newton’s theory is more objective and it focuses more on scientific research. Whereas Goethe’s theory is subjective and he said that the theory of colours is perceptional.

There is another theory of colours from ‘Eva Heller’ as well. She said that the colours influence our emotion and reason.  She brought some examples that support her theories about the colour but I am not going to write about them here. Because I couldn’t find her book that is called Wie Farben wirken (1989)’ .

I could find information about the book that is written in Germany but I couldn’t find English version of the book so far. I hope that I can find the English version of this book so that I can read it.

I could find some information about this book from blogs, thesis and other online resources but I think they are not good enough for my research.

*The things that I need to do are,

  • Research more about the ‘meaning of the colours’
  • Choose less tan 5 colours
  • Choose the specific theory of colours, e.g. emotion/shape/symbolism and so on
  • Confirm the timeline for the production/post production

Nintendo DS is amazing. I’ve got old Nintendo DS (not light one) but I always think the nintendo DS is just a game. But it is not at all.

When I research today I found this and this is just AMAZING.

It is a travel guidebook but it is on Nintendo DS.  It is called “chikyuuno arukikata” in Japanese. “chikyuuno arukikata” is a travel guidebook publication in Japan. From this year, 2008, they put their books into the nintendo DS! People can just bring their nintendo DS and the software.

image is from HERE  (and more images about chikyuuno arukikata)

So I can tell this software is a kind of ‘E-book’. Also there are many useful functions for the travellers as well. For example, the foriegn exchange rate, the prices of the location, alarm clock, scheduler and etc. But there is one weak point. This is compeleted product so if there are changes that need to be updated, travellers cannot know the updated information unless buy new software. However, this is very good example of convergence of old style travel book and the new technology such as Nintendo DS. I’ve got inspiration again.

In 1972, the founder, Tony Wheeler founded the Lonely Planet Publications. It is one of the largest travel guidebook publishers in the world. “It was the first popular series of travel books aimed at backpackers and other low-cost travelers. In 2008, it published about 500 titles in 8 languages, with annual sales of more than six million guidebooks, as well as TV programs, podcasts and websites.”
(Wikipedia, 2008 )

Lonely Planet is one of the largest travel guidebook publications but it has problems. It mainly focus on low cost backpackers only so it needs to spilt up the guidebook for not low cost backpackers as well. Also Lonely Planet recognized the usefulness of using Website so they have a website of travel forum that is called Thorn Tree. It has categories of each different country and people can select the countries that they would like to know about. It has a travel bulletin so travellers can share the information anything about the travel such as the weather of the location.

Also there is ‘Traveller Videos’ page in Thorn Tree so people can upload their travel videos on the website. It has similar format of Youtube and it seems more like travel documentary or travel video. Anyone can upload their travel videos on the website.

In Lonely Planet’s online shop, people can buy the guidebook by chapter that they want to. This means they don’t have to buy the whole book only for one city. It is Pick & Mix digital download For example, if I would like to go to Melbourne CBD, then I don’t have to buy a whole book about Melbourne. I can choose Melbourne CBD chapter from the Lonely Planet ‘Melbourne’. The customers simply download the PDF file from the Pick & Mix digital downloads window.


Lonely Planet. Wikipedia. Retrieved June 17, 2008

one more to go

mobile haiku

Swinnerton, B. (2008. June 11). Claypot of gold awaits poetic filmmakers. MX News, p.2.

“Two cuts, three scenes and under three minutes – all on your mobile phone. Duy Huynh, one of the filmmakers to take up the challenge of Mobile Hiaku, drinks to his possible success. The idea originated at Claypots in St. Kilda. Send your entries to”

Interesting news articles that I’ve found on wednesday.

Finally, my website for online documentary is ready.




Yay, my photo is used for other report of ABC online new again. (:

:same photo but different report

Goals that I’ve made at the beginning of this semester for Transient Spaces Class

  • Meet the deadline 10/10
  • Better understanding the structure of hypertext 10/10
  • Linking to wider bloggers’ world (especially for my research topic) i.e.making as many trackbacks as I can 7/10
  • Getting familiar with Blogging and Vlogging 9/10
  • Writing blog entries regularly 10/10
  • Experimental blogging (e.g. using all different media format for blogging) 10/10
  • Read others blog entries (this can be another research and it can make me to get more social network links) 7/10
  • Keep asking why and try to get answer through research process 10/10
  • Create my website that is an easy and simple but the contents are fully inside 10/10
  • LOVE MY BLOG 10/10

Total : 94/100

Overall, my mark for self assessment is 14.1% out of 15%

The some points that I haven’t done well are I didn’t communicate with many bloggers as many as I can. I read others’ blogs and vlogs a lot but I couldn’t make any comments or trackback that I’ve expected before. So I need to be more active for my blogging life I think.

Luckily, I love blogging and I do blogging everyday even though I have more than 3 blogs for myself. I am doing Korean and English blogging at the same time. Blogging is very useful and helpful to communicate with others in different spaces and time. I think blogging is like a ‘encyclopedia’ for these days. I can learn from blogs and some people can learn something from my blogs I hope.

This Transient Spaces class was very useful and helpful for me even though I already knew some parts that I’ve learn when I was doing media Bachelor course. Even though I knew and I learn, I still think there are plenty of things that I can learn in this world. I love learning all the time.

I just want to thank Dean and he helps me a lot for making website and using Dream weaver.

Cyworld is an Internet service that people can create their own home pages called ‘mini-hompy (homepage)’.

People can upload unlimited photos, documents and even videos these days. It is a social network that is similar to The Facebook. People can create their own avatars with their own choices, for example, hairstyle, shape of faces and clothes as well. Cyworld has other functions not only offers mini-hompy but also other activities to communicate with other members. There are ‘Cyworld Club’, ‘Paper’ and ‘Dotori’.
The Cyworld Club is Cyworld’s communities that are made by Cyworld’s members. Anyone can make the clubs and members can join the clubs if they have interests. The Paper is a blog of Cyworld. It is different from mini-hompy because the Paper is more for public rather than private. Through the Paper, members can share the information about certain topics or issues. Finally the Dotori is cyber money that can be used only in Cyworld and its members have to buy the credit to use. They can pay it through their mobile phones or credit card. With Dotori, they can buy music, wallpaper for their own mini-hompy, and they can give Dotori for friend’s birthday present as well. Without Dotori, people cannot decorate their own mini-hompies.
“Up to 90% of South Korean under the age of 20 are reported to be registered on Cyworld.” (Kirkpatrick, 2006)
Cyworld is the phenomenon in South Korea and it happens within only less than 4 years. It is a massive social network among younger people and even older people these days. There was only Korean version of Cyworld before but now there are international versions of Cyworld such as US, Japan, Taiwan, China and Vietnam. The format of international Cyworld has almost as Korean Cyworld’s but the only difference is they all use their own languages.
Young Koreans are addicted to Cyworld and they prefer communicating with their friends in Cyworld rather than offline out of Cyworld. Most of them have their own communities in Cyworld as well. They make friends in Cyworld and they actually communicate with people in online world that is Cyworld. Cyworld is not just a website that people can check their emails, messages or read others’ mini-hompies. People actually communicate with others within the Cyworld and ‘doing Cyworld’ is one of the essential daily routine for young Koreans.

They would like to check their mini-hompies and others’ almost everyday or even every hour. The reason for this they feel that they belong the communication and communities. Cyworld is very important community and communication space for young Koreans in these days.

(The example of ‘mini-hompy’ –my mini-hompy)

cyworld mini-hompy

Cyworld is a social-networking service and it allows people to communicate with others in cyber space. People create the communities in on-line space and they communicate within it. Cyworld offers mini-hompy (homepage) to everyone who register to Cyworld. Cyworld allows people to communicate with others in on-line spaces easily and individually rather than just sending emails, messages, creating websites or blogs. Cyworld is a space for communication.
Cyworld’s mini-hompy is already set for everyone when people register and they do not need any HTML skills or other technical knowledge to start and run their homepages. Compare with other digital communication methods such as blogging, Cyworld is easy to use for everyone. Actually Cyworld was not easy to use before like these days’ simple system of using mini-hompy. However it has been changed and improved technically for several years. Finally it attracts people to come into the Cyworld because it becomes easy to use for people. I think the social- networking service has to be easy and simple to use for people rather than only for ‘techno-savvy’.